What is The MagixBox?

The Magix Box is a Smart TV Streaming Box that is powered by Android, which plugs directly into the HDMI port of your existing High Definition TV, instantly turning it into an entertainment powerhouse. You now have the ability to play 1000′s of different games from the Google Play Store, or to watch a full 1080p High Definition movie from your stream box. You don’t have to huddle around the computer wasting precious Movie time.

Makes Any Tv a Smart TV

Tired of Buying or Renting Movies? Cable Bill Out of Hand?

Android Stream Box

The Magix Box Instantly Turns Any TV Into An Android Based Smarter TV, Giving Access to YouTube, Facebook, Play Classic Video Games, or Surf Your Favorite Websites Directly On Your Television.

Unlimited Free Movies

Watch Movies With The Magix Box, You Will Have Instant Access To Countless Movies In HIGH DEFINITION. (480i-1080p)

Watch All Your Favorite TV Series

Catching Up On Your Favorite TV Series Just Got Easier, The Magix Box Allows Customers To Stream All Of Their Favorite TV Series